What is a leather valet tray?

What is a leather valet tray?
What is a leather valet tray?
To make our lives more comfortable and generally better big and small companies always work on creating new things. And here in this blog we want to share with you about what is a leather valet tray.

What is a leather valet tray?

A leather valet tray, also called a catchall tray, is used to contain all the accoutrements that a person may carry on his or her person. For example, daily carry items may include a cell phone, change, receipts, a pocket knife, a wallet, guitar picks, a flashlight, keys, a lighter, a watch, etc. Now items like this are typically referred to as EDC or every-day carry items.

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to the items you carry on an everyday basis, like a pen, wallet, keys, or anything else that’s essential to your daily life. Usually limited to what can be physically carried on a person or in a small bag, EDC can also be more broadly applied to preparedness items in general, extending to what can be stored in a vehicle or larger backpack.
Everyday carry (EDC)

Your everyday carry setup takes your EDC a step further, as you start to look at the items that make up your EDC, how essential they are to you, and how you are able to improve upon them.

Interestingly, the average person carries approximately 5 – 10 items on themselves everyday.

When you get home from work and are ready to put on some comfy clothing, a leather valet tray is the perfect place to neatly keep everything. When catchall’s are constructed of fine leather, they always look great in any bedroom, closet, or counter top.

So if you travel often, a valet tray is so nice to keep all of your pocket things in one place. The last thing you need to do is forget your car keys or wallet in a hotel room. Leather valet tray’s for travel, will feature corners which snap. So, by unsnapping the corners the catchall tray lays flat and can easily be packed into your luggage.
Black leather high quality valet tray

How many of us struggle with finding car keys every morning? Using a leather valet tray could be the solution to this never ending search for the keys. A catchall tray could be placed by the door making an easy and stylish place to safely keep car keys.