Types of leather for bags

Types of leather for bags
Types of leather for bags
Bag is a very important accessory for our daily life. And it must be high quality product. And in this blog we want to share with you about types of leather for bags.
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Types of leather for bags

With dozens of different types of leather purses to choose from, each leather has its own characteristics and personality. Understanding the difference between top-grain and full-grain leather can help you decide what is the best leather for your lifestyle.

Every leather is different, guaranteeing that there is one out there for you. If you’re always on the go, you’ll want leather that is heavy-duty, fuss-free, and durable. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, you might want buttery soft leather for a luxury experience.

We’re giving you a look at the different leathers used for bags. This guide covers everything from what is crazy horse leather to the best types of leather used for handbags.

Full-grain for the best quality leather bags

Full-grain is one of the materials we used for our high-quality leather bags. It’s the most durable section of the animal’s hide, giving a natural texture to the leather. The beauty of full grain leather is that it develops a patina with age, producing that beautiful finish that shows your bag is used and loved.

We consider full-grain leather to be amongst the best type of leather, incorporating it throughout our accessories and bags.

Crazy Horse leather for bags

Don’t let the name put you off. Crazy horse leather is a type of full-grain leather that ages with time, becoming more beautiful as it develops a unique personality. This type of leather is made using the entire cowhide, removing only the hair. It got the name ‘Crazy Horse Leather’ as it is traditionally used for horse saddles.

Top grain for quality leather purses

It’s one of the most popular questions that see people asking. When we compare top grain leather vs. full-grain leather, there are similarities between the two. Top grain is considered to be a high-quality leather with similar durability to full grain.

The difference lies in their finish. Top grain leather is buffed and sanded on the top layer, giving it a pristine finish. It allows the leather to have finishes applied, making the leather thinner and more flexible for molding into a handbag.

You’ll typically find top grain leather used by luxury brands.

Pebbled style for the best leather bags

Another style that is used for bags is pebbled leather. As the name suggests, this type of leather has a unique texture that is raised, creating a pebble shape. It adds personality to genuine leather bags while also being scratch-resistant. If you want a fuss-free bag that you don’t have to baby, pebbled leather might be your perfect choice.

While this pebbled texture can appear on faux leather, it’s also common with genuine leather. The pebbled finish on genuine leather can hide flaws and marks that would otherwise make the leather undesirable.

Pull-up leather for tote bags

When it comes to creating vibrant colors, the go-to choice is pull-up leather. Pull up is essentially a finishing technique, often used on top grain leather. It works by infusing hot oil or wax into the hide, sometimes using both.

This finishing technique gives the leather a two-tone effect different from leather patina, meaning it doesn’t age the leather.

Split grain leather

Split grain comes from the bottom section of leather after it is split, creating what we know as suede. Split leather typically has a finish layer applied. As it comes from the lower section of the hide, this material is less durable than the top grain leather. What attracts people to split leather is its flexibility and its abrasion resistance.

Bison grade of leather

Bison leather – also known as buffalo leather – and is often compared to cow leather. What makes bison leather different is its durability, as it is around 40% stronger than cow leather. This durability comes from its pebbled texture, making it a popular choice for everything from boots to military uniforms.

These types of leather for bags have their own unique aesthetic and appearance.