How to choose pen and pencil case?

How to choose pen and pencil case?
How to choose pen and pencil case?

Right storage of things makes your life more organized and comfortable. So if you use pens and pencils often it will be good for you to know how to choose pen and pencil case.

How to choose pen and pencil case?

If you love, or even just use pens and pencils, you probably need to carry them with you, at least sometimes. If so, this article is for you. You can chuck them in your pocket, loose in the bottom of your bag, keep them perfectly protected in a nice leather case, or carry a super-sized stack of pencils for art on the go, so we're going to take a look at some of the options for carrying pens and pencils.
If you're only going to carry one or two pens/pencils, and they're reasonably sturdy, or you don't care too much about scratches and damage, you might not need to carry them in anything at all. Which is great for you, because you don't need to buy a pen or pencil case at all. Not so great for us, because we wrote this article to sell you pen and pencil cases, so we're not doing so well at this marketing thing.
If you're carrying expensive pens with finishes that can be damaged, you might want a case mainly for the purpose of protecting them. Dropping an expensive pen in your pocket to rub up against your keys could have unfortunate consequences.
If you need to carry a few, or more, pens and pencils, you might really need some sort of case, just to keep them together and organized. If they're not too valuable, a simple pouch with a zip will do the job nicely enough. If you carry a lot, though, or don't want them all rubbing against one another, you might want to look at things with a bit more organization to them.
There are options to choose from when selecting a pencil case that depend on what else you will want it to do besides store and protect your pencils. Pencil storage includes cases with zip or hook-tape (like Velcro) closures, rolls/wraps, cases with room for lots of pencils in layers, easel cases, pocket cases and cases that have a space to hold additional things. You just need to find the right one that will be best for you for holding your collection of colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastel pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, leadholders or sketching pens.

Things to consider:

  • Safety: protect your pencils from breakage.
  • Size of case and capacity: you may want a large case because you have a lot of pencils to store or a small pocket case might be perfect for just a few pencils you use while drawing on the train during your commute.
  • Shape/style: folding book-style, briefcase, bag, roll/wrap, a case with a loop for each pencil or just a pouch, easel where pencils are propped up for ease of viewing and selecting.
  • Extras: also holds accessories like erasers, sharpeners and stumps in larger loops or a pocket, one that straps onto your wrist.