How to choose leather travel bag (duffle bag)?

How to choose leather travel bag (duffle bag)?
How to choose leather travel bag (duffle bag)?
There are many types of travel bags. And in this blog we want to share with you about how to choose leather travel bag (duffle bag).
Whether you’re going away for a short weekend or a longer city break abroad, it’s best to choose a travel bag that not only fits your personal style but also ticks all the boxes when it comes to staying organized and carrying your things effortlessly and securely. From weekenders to leather holdalls, and carry-ons, here’s how to choose the right bag for your getaway.

How to choose leather travel bag (duffle bag)?

Duffle bags are a utilitarian bag style. Most often, they are long and oversized, intended to be easily carried by the user. These bags are made of a soft material in order to hold bulky, awkwardly-shaped objects with ease; their most common uses are for sports and military due to the tendency for both to involve the regular need to carry large, awkwardly-shaped items.

Leather duffle bags are made of either genuine or faux leather. Those made of faux leather will not last nearly as long as those made from genuine leather, due to the fact that faux leather is a plastic product and thus less durable than genuine leather. Genuine leather duffle bags can last a lifetime if properly cared for and are an excellent choice for those who travel often.

Men's travel duffle bag

More streamlined, less utilitarian styles of men’s leather duffle bags are often called weekender bags. These bags are often smaller than a traditional duffle and designer to hold a few days’ worth of outfits – enough for a weekend trip! These bags may have more storage pouches and pockets than a traditional duffle bag, and may also include a leather luggage tag for easy identification.

Women's leather duffle bag

Women’s leather duffle bags are almost exclusively made with travel in mind. These bags are often sleek, lacking outside pockets or ornamentation. Still, they mimic the classic leather duffle bag shape and structure, which ensures durability. Women’s leather duffle bags may come in a slightly wider variety of tones than men’s, with some options in blue, grey, green, or even white dyed leather.

Black leather duffle bag

Black leather duffle bags are a sophisticated alternative to traditional brown or natural-colored leather duffle bags. Black leather gives these bags a professional feel, making them perfect for those who travel often for work. As with other dyed leather goods, black leather duffle bags show wear less obviously than lighter leather tones, showing their age less than lighter alternatives.

Mens vintage leather duffle bag

Vintage men’s leather duffle bags tend to lean toward the utilitarian style, with very structured, reinforced seams and a number of exterior pockets for storage of small items. Many of these vintage bags were used by traveling doctors, artisans, or other professionals whose practice took them on the road. Vintage leather has often taken on a beautiful patina and is softer than brand new leather, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer their garments a bit worn in.

Full grain leather duffle bag

Full grain leather promises lifelong quality and durability. For those who plan to use their leather duffle bag very often, full grain leather is the perfect choice. This type of leather is heavy and durable, ensuring a sturdy, water-resistant duffle bag for important items. Full grain leather duffle bags are an investment piece; because of the high quality of this type of leather, these bags are often quite expensive.
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