How to choose laptop sleeve?

How to choose laptop sleeve?
How to choose laptop sleeve? 
Today laptop is a necessary thing for work and daily life. And it is important to protect it from small and big damages. And in this blog we want to share with you about how to choose laptop sleeve.

How to choose laptop sleeve?

Choosing a good laptop sleeve will protect your computer from scratches and abrasions, as well as water damage and other dangers harmful to your computer. From soft leather cases to hardshell, locking cases, the array of various laptop protection options seems endless.
A laptop sleeve should fit snugly around your laptop. Most sleeves come in different sizes to accommodate the many different sizes of laptop, so be sure to choose the one most appropriate for your particular computer. By choosing the correct size of sleeve, you will prevent the laptop from moving around too much within the sleeve, thereby preventing excess moving that can lead to scratching.

Inner dimensions

Not every 15-inch laptop fits in every 15-inch laptop cover. That's due to the varied sizes of both covers and laptops. Brand-specific laptop covers are especially designed for a specific laptop series. For example, for the Apple MacBook and the Microsoft Surface. As a result, these covers fit seamlessly by default.

As we know, the Macbook has new and old versions. Old Macbook pro release in 2013-2015 and new Macbook pro release in 2016-2018. Old Macbook air release in 2013-2017 and New Macbook air release in 2018. The difference is that the new version is a little smaller than the old version, about 0.1 inches. The size of old Macbook air 13 inches is the same as old Macbook pro 13 inches, and so do the new version.


With covers, your laptop is protected when you accidentally bump it against the corner of the table or into the elbow of a fellow passenger.

With their shock-absorbing rubber and special foam layers, these covers protect your laptop from hard impacts and falls (up to a certain height).

Durable leather

Laptop covers made of leather look luxurious and are durable. The cover remains beautiful and protects your laptop properly. If the laptop cover has a zipper, it's usually splash proof or waterproof. The leather blocks out the water. Does a bottle of water accidentally open up in your bag or is it raining quite a bit outside? You don't have to worry about the condition of your laptop.

Storage space

You'll probably also want to bring accessories in addition to your laptop. Don't have space in your bag for this? A laptop cover with an accessory compartment would be a good option for you. That way, you can also store your charger, mouse, and USB drives. Some laptop covers also have a special compartment for your tablet or smartphone, so you can store everything neatly.