About crazy horse leather products

About crazy horse leather products
About crazy horse leather products
Crazy horse leather products are characterized as very durable and high-quality. This type of leather becomes only better when you use it for a long time.

About crazy horse leather products

Crazy horse leather is a high-quality material that is a growing favorite among product manufacturers and designers worldwide. This type of leather is robust, durable, and gets better with aging.

As crazy horse leather is full-grain leather, products made of that material stay for over two decades. It is also called "saddle leather" as manufacturers widely used this leather for making horse saddles.

What is crazy horse leather?

Crazy horse leather is full-grain leather, which grows more beautiful and better with time and utilization. This type of leather builds a patina rather than wearing it out.

It is made from a full cowhide and nothing is removed except the hair. By looking at the marks and spots on the leather, you can tell the cow's history.

Why Is It called crazy horse leather?

Many people have the misconception that crazy horse leather, also known as saddle leather, is made from horse skin. It is a type of cow leather, which derives its name from its history.

Numerous saddleries still admire this type of leather because of its solidity and natural patina development even after repeated use. Crazy horse leather adds a "country cowboy" style to all finished products, and thus, it was named depending upon this fashion trend.

The word "crazy" indicates the leather's toughness. This leather is always capable of holding a horse of different levels of strength. As full-grain cowhide is durable and strong, the saddles become capable of withstanding years of utilization and base.

How is crazy horse leather made?

Crazy horse leather is made of top-notch materials supplied by the leading suppliers. The full-grain cowhide leather is the best in terms of strength and color.

The skilled craftsmen produce crazy horse leather implementing only the finest and natural leather. They treat the rich full-grain cowhide with natural wax and then finish it to excellence. It develops water-resistant, durable, soft, and beautiful leather.

Crazy horse leather is made by application of a thick layer of special wax on a full-grain cowhide surface, which has been polished and smoothed to give a smooth and shiny look. The wax improves the leather fibers and causes minor changes to the material's looks, shape, and tone.

The wax application gives a timeless look to the crazy horse leather for which it is extremely famous. This leather can withstand several years of use without wearing. The excellent durability is because of the implementation of handmade processing methods and the finest leather quality.